The Grand Junction Challenge


Nov. 9th - 21st

Schools in the Grand Junction area will be recycling plastic bottles for a chance to win cool prizes. Learn how to submit your recycled bottles via Text Message!

Learn How

Awesome prizes for the winners!

The Repreve Recycle Challenge is an educational effort to increase awareness in school children about recycling and the awesome products that can be made from recycled materials. Work together to recycle the most plastic bottles for your school and win super cool REPREVE-based prizes.

There are no Marvel Universe LIVE! shows available for Grand Junction.

Raise money
for your school

$6 from each tshirt sold will go directly to your child's school

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You won't believe this soft, comfortable t-shirt is made almost exclusively from 8 recycled plastic bottles. The REPREVE yarn is so soft and comfortable, it will quickly become your child's favorite to wear! Support your child's school and buy a t-shirt today.

Our Top 5 Super Recyclers

  1. Pomona Elementary 2,628
  2. Appleton Elementary 2,376
  3. New Emerson 1,606
  4. Taylor Elementary 1,411
  5. Orchard Avenue Elementary School 352

Here are the schools that stepped up to the Challenge!

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